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Liberty Gala 2023

Join us for this annual black-tie celebration, giving a voice to the principles of freedom and raising funds to support the cause. Last years attendees loved the event and this year promises to be even better. 

Relax and share a meal with friends new and old, and hear a range of guest speakers explore ideas to improve our world. Be sure to wear your dancing shoes, and don’t forget to place a bid in the auctions. Most importantly, please have fun!

This year we are once again planning a full evening of guest speakers and entertainment, with a 3 course meal and drinks for 4 hours. Our confirmed speakers are listed below.



  • Spike Cohen - International libertarian activist, successful entrepreneur and Founder and President of You Are The Power, Spike is a dynamic and engaging speaker who has travelled the world spreading the message of liberty. Vice Presidential nominee for the US Libertarian Party in 2020, Spike is known for his unapologetic and tireless defence of libertarian philosophy and grassroots activism         
  • Professor Gigi Foster – 2019 Young Economist of the Year (Economic Society of Aust), Prof. of Economics UNSW. Gigi became a household name in 2020 when she ‘controversially’ questioned whether widespread lockdowns were the appropriate response. Gigi is the co-author of ‘Do Lockdowns and Border Closures Serve the “Greater Good”?’ and her most recent book ‘The Great Covid Panic’
  • Gideon Rozner - Former Director of the Institute of Public Affairs and one of Australia's leading libertarian commentators, Gideon is known for his clear and compelling contributions as a public speaker and media personality commentator. Gideon has written extensively on the principles of limited government and economic freedom
  • David Limbrick MLC – Member of the Victorian Legislative Council since 2018 and passionate advocate for the liberty movement, The Liberal Democrats Victorian MP David Limbrick participated in the lockdown protests, finding himself arrested and fined in 2020. He continues to fight the often-uphill battle to reduce the Victorian Government’s encroaching interference in our lives
  • Maya Tesa - Libertarian commentator and activist, Maya has advocated for greater personal freedoms and smaller government for many years, providing a considered and intelligent libertarian commentary on these issues. Maya is highly respected for her strong, clear stance, and known for her passionate volunteer and fundraising work, supporting the homeless and raising funds for the Monash Children's Hospital                                                 
  • Emily Coltraine - Self-taught political commentator, Emily founded Voice for Victoria in August 2020 during Melbourne’s 100-day lockdown. Initially created as a personal coping mechanism, Voice gained widespread popularity. Emily provides insightful and entertaining political commentary, and occasional inside stories when her ‘birdies’ are chirping.  Emily served as Ian Cook’s campaign manager in 2022, and runs the Pollie Bites Podcast
  • Ryan Etherington – a natural performer with a sardonic style, Ryan is both a libertarian and stand-up comedian. His talents came to the fore during the anti-lockdown protest movement, being well known for his parodies of a certain Victorian politician. Ryan is a regular performer on the ‘No Goat Show’. His unapologetic humour tackles all manner of social and political trends without fear or favour. Be prepared to be entertained, but don’t expect it to be PC!

Please join us for a wonderful evening of food, fun and fundraising. Tickets are available here - 2023 Gala Tickets