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Who We Are

Although many Australians came to know us during the Covid era, the Liberal Democrats have been involved in Australian politics for more than 22 years. First registered in March 2001, our MPs have been elected to the Australian federal Senate, and the Victorian, New South Wales and Western Australian state parliaments. We also have a number of representatives in local government across the country, including at one time the Mayor of Campbelltown, NSW. Our candidates all make a promise - to never vote for an increase in your taxes or a decrease in your liberties.

We are a party of principle. We stand for greater freedoms, both social and economic, greater personal responsibility and smaller government.

We believe you are best placed to make the decisions that are right for you and your family. Certainly you understand your life, your values and your dreams better than any bureaucrat does. So long as you aren’t harming anyone else, you should be free to pursue your dreams and live your life, your way, without government interference.

There is a growing movement in Australia that is losing trust in the major parties, and is looking for a new direction. We stand ready to provide a sensible, principled alternative that can provide real leadership towards a freer future.

We invite you to learn more about our party: